Thursday, February 28, 2013

Giving my ears a break

For the six of you still reading this blog, you know my amp is in pieces around the house. So no plugged-in guitar goodness for Joe... I've been practicing putting the green vinyl on the amplifier cabinet and cutting the corners, and I had to take a full day to repair the cabinet and paint the inside of it and let everything dry. The mail with my amp hardware has been delayed by the big winter storm that hit the middle of the country.

Plus, I've been sick all week. Woe is Joe... woe is Joe.

Anyhoo, I finally said "screw it" and put the amp semi back together. The speakers are back in the bare wood cabinet, and the electronic guts are sitting on top. All hooked up, and I cranked it up and played for a few minutes this morning. I'm just blown the fuck away by how GOOD it sounds. Rich and dynamic and full... and then I kicked on a distortion pedal. Didn't have the levels matched like I normally do, so the distortion was LOUD and I was standing close to the amp and I felt it right in the nuts. Literally vibrated my sack.

I'm sure I'd down to five readers now.

I think sometimes you forget if you play every day, everything starts to sound sort of samey and blah. Even switching guitars, even with all these effects I've got. The same way it doesn't matter how awesome a restaurant is, if it is the only place you eat eventually you'll get bored of the menu. I haven't played plugged in for 4-5 days, and I missed it, and it only took a couple of minutes to remember exactly why.

Yeah, totally worth making this amp look as good as it sounds.


Did I mention new tubes? Yes, new tubes. The clean channel sounds the same, and the gain channel sounds more... gainy? Pretty great sounding.


Mrs. Chili said...

I'm still reading, even though I don't really understand anything about amps...

cicely (Inadvertent Phytocidal Maniac) said...

Still reading, though (like Mrs. Chili) I know virtually nothing about amps...except that they make things louder.

Improbable Joe said...

... and of course neither of you can understand "right in the nuts" either, right? *grins*

cicely (Inadvertent Phytocidal Maniac) said...

"Right in the nuts" generally, in my experience, follows after "It hit him", or "She kicked him". :D

Hope12hopes said...
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