Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Making real progress!

Here's some before and after pictures of my amplifier:



And here's where I am today:

It isn't perfect, and I have a little more cutting and gluing to do on the back, including building a brand new back panel. But on the other hand, I've made some real solid progress, and it is nice that it is coming out more or less the way I imagined it. Good times!


cicely (Inadvertent Phytocidal Maniac) said...

Possibly not the best vantage of the kitteh, though!

Coelecanth said...


I had a band-mate who refinished his Tele by painting it metallic green and cutting himself a copper scratch plate. He would have shat himself over that amp, and probably have brooded over it for a year or two before copying your design.

Improbable Joe said...

Thanks Fishy! I think I did pretty well, although the corners aren't perfect. I WAS going to re-do it, but instead I think I'm going to build a second, larger cabinet for it.

Martin said...

Joe, psst. It's me again.

Are you with us, or agin? Let me know I will pay cash this time.

Dalillama said...

You're a good person, you just screwed up; everyone does it sometimes. I understand that depression can get the better of you, so take the time you need if you need it, but you're always welcome back.

cicely (Inadvertent Phytocidal Maniac) said...

What Dalillama said.

Hope12hopes said...
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